Saturday, February 20, 2010

History Of Computer

3000 BC- The abacus: The Rudimentary First Computing Device Developed

1942 Blaise Pascal Built the First Mechanical Digital Calculator Pasacaline

1822 Charls Babbage Invented Difference Engine with A Mechanical Memory To Store Result

1840 Ada the First Programmer Suggested Binary Data Storage Rather Then Decimal

1880 Dr.Herman Hollerith Developed the Bunched Card That Would Contain Data Coded in Form Of Punched Holes

1939 Dr.Jhon Vincent Atanasoft Produced the First Prototype Electric Computer

1944 Aitken Built Mark 1the First Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, Used By Military To Compute Ballistic Data

1947 Mauchy and Eckert ENIAC 2nd Electric Tronic Digital Computer

1949 Maurice Eckert and von Neumann Built EDVAC the 1st Stored Program Computer

1950 Turing Built Ace-1st Programmable Computer

1951 Mauchy and Eckert Built UNIVACI 1st commercially sold

1960 Gene Amaahi Designed IBM System/ 360 Main Frame Computer 1st General Purpose Digital Using Integrated Circuits

1963 Olsen with Digital Equipment Corporation Produced PDP-1 1st Mini Computer

Ted Hoff Of Intel Corporation Produced Micro Processer Intel 4004

1975 H.Ecward Roberts 1st Micro Computer

1976 Seymour Cray CRAY 1st Super Computer

1977 Stehen Wonznia And Steven Jobs Built First Apple Micro Computer

1980 Lower cost Personal Computers.

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