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History Of Computer

3000 BC- The abacus: The Rudimentary First Computing Device Developed

1942 Blaise Pascal Built the First Mechanical Digital Calculator Pasacaline

1822 Charls Babbage Invented Difference Engine with A Mechanical Memory To Store Result

1840 Ada the First Programmer Suggested Binary Data Storage Rather Then Decimal

1880 Dr.Herman Hollerith Developed the Bunched Card That Would Contain Data Coded in Form Of Punched Holes

1939 Dr.Jhon Vincent Atanasoft Produced the First Prototype Electric Computer

1944 Aitken Built Mark 1the First Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator, Used By Military To Compute Ballistic Data

1947 Mauchy and Eckert ENIAC 2nd Electric Tronic Digital Computer

1949 Maurice Eckert and von Neumann Built EDVAC the 1st Stored Program Computer

1950 Turing Built Ace-1st Programmable Computer

1951 Mauchy and Eckert Built UNIVACI 1st commercially sold

1960 Gene Amaahi Designed IBM System/ 360 Main Frame Computer 1st General Purpose Digital Using Integrated Circuits

1963 Olsen with Digital Equipment Corporation Produced PDP-1 1st Mini Computer

Ted Hoff Of Intel Corporation Produced Micro Processer Intel 4004

1975 H.Ecward Roberts 1st Micro Computer

1976 Seymour Cray CRAY 1st Super Computer

1977 Stehen Wonznia And Steven Jobs Built First Apple Micro Computer

1980 Lower cost Personal Computers.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Computer Abbreviations

Abbreviated                 Expansion
ACE                  Automatic Computing Engine
ADSL                Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AGP                  Accelerated Graphics Port               
ALU                  Arithmetic Logic Unit
ASCII               American Standard Code For Information Interchange
ASP                  American Server Pages
ATM                Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM                Automatic Teller Machine
BIOS                Basic Input Output System
CAD                 Computer Aided Designing
CBT                 Computer Based Tutorials
CGA                Color Graphics Adapter
CGI                 Common Gateway Interface
CHTML          Compact Hyper Text Markup Language
CISC               Complex Instruction Set Computer
CMOS            Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CNC               Computer Numerical Controller
COM              Component Object Module
CPU               Central Processing Unit
CRT               Cathode Ray Tube
CUI               Character User Interface
DAC              Digital to Analog Converter
DIP                Dual In Process
DLL               Dynamic Link Library
DMP              Dot Matrix Printer
DOS              Disk Operating System
DRAM          Dynamic Random Access Memory
DSL              Digital Subscriber Line
DVD             Digital Versatile Disk
FAT              File Allocation Table
FAX             Fast Automatic Xerox
GIF              Graphics Interchange Format
GUI             Graphical User Interface
IC                Integrated Circuit
IP                 Internet Protocol
ISDN           Integrated Service Digital Network
ISP               Internet Service Provider
JSP              Java Server Pages
LAN            Local Area Network
LCD            Liquid Crystal Display
LED             Light Emitting Diode
MAN           Metropolitan Area Network
MDA           Monochrome Display Adapter
MIDI           Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MODEM     Modulator Demodulator
MPEG         Motion Pictures Experts Group
MSDN        Microsoft Develop Network
NAS            Network Attached Storage
OLE            Object Inking And Embedding
OOP           Object Oriented Programming
PAP            Password Authentication Protocol
PC              Personal Computer
PDA            Personal Digital Assistant
PDP            Programmable Data Processor
PHP            Personal Home Page
PNG           Portable Network Graphics
PLP            Packet Layel Protocol
POP           Post Office Protocol
POST         Power On Self Test
RMI           Remote Method Invocations
SCSI          Small computer System Interface
SODIMM  Small Out Line Dual Inline Module Memory
SMPS        Switch Mode Power Supply
SQL           Structured Query Language
SPAM        Sale Adverting Protinal Mail
SRAM        Static Random Access Memory
STOS         Single Task Operating System
SVGA        Super Video Graphics Array
TFT            Thin Film Transistor
TSCII         Tamil Standard Code For Information And Interchange
UPC           Universal Product Code
UPS           Uninterrupted Power Supply
USB           Universal Service Bus
URL           Uniform Resource Locator
VAN          Vast Area Network
VDE           Video Display Unit
VDU          Visual Display Unit
VGA          Video Graphics Aray
VPN          Virtual Private Network
WAN        Wide Area Network
WWW      World Wide Web

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother Board

5 AT
10 IDE
11 FDD

PS/2 Key Board And PS/2 Mouse Connector

This Connector Sopports Standerd PS/2 Key Board And PS/2 Mouse.

USB And LAN Connector

Before You Connect Your Device Into USB Connector Please Make Sure Your Device Such As USB Key Board, Mouse, Scanner, Zip, Speaker, And Etc...
Have A Stranded USB Interface. Also Make Sure Your O/S Dose Not Support USB Controller, Please Contract O/S Vendor For Possible Patch Or Driver Upgrade.

Parallel Port

This Connector Supports 1 Satndert COM Port.
1 Parallel Port And 1 VGA Port.
Device Like Priter Can Be Caonnected To Parallel Port, Mouse, And Modem, Etc.
Can Be Connected TO Serial Ports.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Audio Connetors

After installing on board audio driver, You may connect speaker to line out Jack, Micro Phone to MIC in Jack.
Device like CD-ROM, Walkman etc, Can be connected to Line in Jack.

Please Note:-
You are able to use 2-/4-/6- Chanel Audio Feature by S/W Selection.

If you want to enable 6-Chanel Function connect "Front Speaker" to Line Out connect "Rear Speaker" to Line in connect connect "Center And Sub woofer" to "Mic Out".

Game/ MIDI Ports

This connector supports joysticks, MIDI Keyboard and other Audio Devices.

Mother Board Back Panel Introduction

Computer Hardware

The physical components of a system such as the computer it self. Its inner components and peripherals are called hardware.

Charactristics Of Computer

Storage Capability
Intangible Benefits
Reduced Cost
The Internet.

Introduction to computers

An Electronic Device
An Information processing machine
Works under the control of a stored program.

A set of Information has following charateristics

Time Lines

IT Tools
It tools are referred to as either hardware or software to process information.

Characteristics Of Information

Time Horizon

Monday, February 8, 2010

Data And Information

Raw material for computer processing for example, Numbers,Text,Images and Sounds in a form that is suitable for storage or processing by a computer.


Computer data that has been organized and presented in a systematic fashion to clarify the underlying meaning.

Information Processing
Data received by a computer via its input devices
Stored in memory prior to processing
Data get processed
Result sent to the output device.

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